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Valentine Hirst Collection of 19th Century Burial Inscriptions for Dagenham


Dagenham, Essex



Add 41780 - 41802
Extract: 41780-41802. VALENTINE HIRST COLLECTION. Genealogical and other collections, relating mainly to London and the Home Counties, compiled by Valentine Hirst al. Hurst (d. I892) Paper. Twenty-three volumes. Various sizes. Mid XIX cent. Presented by his nephew, Ralph Griffin, Esq. F.S.A.



Add 41786 - 41802
Extract: 41786-41802. VALENTINE HIRST COLLECTION. Vols. VII-XXIII. Note- books and loose papers containing monumental inscriptions (mainly 18th and 19th cent. in London and the Home Counties, copied circ. 1857- 1867. Add. MSS. 41796-41798 are from tombs in Bunhill Fields, London. A few notebooks are indexed.




Dagenham. co. Essex. Burial inscriptions 19th cent.

 Add. 41786 ff. 231-236   

 Add. 41793 ff. 291 b-296 b   




Add MSS 41786 ff. 231-236


Inscription on the side of Table Tomb ‘Expectamus Resurrectioneni’


ff.231, Under this stone lyeth interred the bodyes of Mr Thomas Witham and Bridget

           his Wife the first exchanged this life for a better on March 15th Anno Domini

          1646 aged 70 yeeres the other on the 12th June Anno Domini 1655 and

           Aged 58 yeeres.



Table Tomb


ff.231, In the vault underneath this tomb are deposited the Remains of Daniel Pilon of

           Christ Church Middlesex Merchant and Citizen of London, and an Inhabitant of

           this Parish, who lived and departed this life in hope of a blefsed resurrection the

          17th Day of April 1762 in the 70th year of his age.


ff.232, In this vault are deposited the remains mortal of Mrs Francis Pilon wife of Mr

           Nicholas Pilon of Norfolk Street in the Strand London Merchant and son of the

           above Mr Daniel Pilon. Obit 4th October 1770.


ff.232, In the vault under this [?] are Deposited the Remains of John Ferard? Grand

           Son to Daniel Pilon of this Parish Gent who died May 31st 1755 aged 10 months

           and14 Days.

           Also the Remains of Daniel Pilon Son of the aforesaid Daniel Pilon who died

           August 4th 1757, aged 19 years.



Table Tomb


ff233, Here lies John Henry Mertins only son of John Henry Mertins Esq who

          departed this life 26th April 1740 aged 23.

          Here also lies the above John Henry Mertins who departed this life 26th August

         1776 aged 85.

          Also Elizabeth Mertins died 11th January 1778 aged 58.

          Also Henry Mertins Bird Esq of Barton House Warwickshire late of Vallance

          died October 24th 1818 aged 63.



Table Tomb


ff.233, In a Vault underneath lyes the Body of Henry Mertins Esq of Vallance Brother of

          Sir George Mertins Knt present Lord Mayor of London, Obit March 28th 1725

          aged 66.

          Also of Elizabeth his wife Daughter of Sir Edward Wood Knt and Niece of the

          Right Honourable John Robertson DD Lord Privy Seal and Bishop of London Obit

          26th November 1710 aged 46.

          And Edward their son (son of Sir Edward Wood and Elizabeth). Obit 10th

          February 1705 aged 10.



Table Tomb


ff234,  In memory of George Merttins Esq Grandson of Sir George Merttins Esq by

           Hannah his Wife the only child of Samuel Rush Esq by his first Wife. He married

           first Frances the only child of Daniel Solomon Esq; and to his second Wife

           Elizabeth one of the Daughters of Alexander Bennett Esq by Mary his Wife the

           third Daughter of Henry Merttins Esq of Vallance in this Parish and died 21st May

          1785 aged 60 years.

          Also Mrs Ester Bennett who died 13th February 1798 aged 72.

          Also Thomas Alfred Bennett Son of Alexander and Anne Bennett died 6th

              November 1815 aged 18th months.

          Also Elizabeth Merttins Esq who is interred Daughter of Alexander Bennett Esq

          and May his Wife and Grandson of Henry Merttins Esq late of Vallance. She died

          29th May 1803 aged 78.

          Thomas Alfred Bennett the son of Alexander and Ann Bennett

ff.235, died 28th October 1815 aged 13 months.

          Also Thomas Bennett Esq Son of Alexander and Mary Bennett and Grandson of

          Henry Merttins Esq died 1st June 1802 aged 80.

          Also Clara May Daughter of the said Alexander and Mary Bennett and Grand

          Daughter of the said Henry Merttins.

          Mary Anne Bennett Daughter of Alexander Bennett and Anne his wife Grand

          Daughter of Alexander Bennett and May his Wife Grand Daughter of Henry

          Merttins of Vallance in this Parish died 1st June 1807 aged 8 months

          and 19 days.



Table Tomb


ff.235, In memory of the Reverend Mr Thomas Wright D. D. late Rector of Christ

          Church Middlesex who married Hester the 4th Daughter of Henry and Elizabeth

          Merttins of London Jeweller died 15th August 1736 aged 44.

           Also of Hester (Merttins) widow of Reverend Thomas Wright died 7th April 1762,

           aged 60.

           Also Alexander Bennett Esq younger son of Sir John Bennett Knt who married

           May (Merttins) the 3rd Daughter of the said Henry and Elizabeth Merttins who

           departed this life the 30th Day of (p236), September 1759 aged 70.

ff.236, Also Mary (Bennett) the widow of the said Alexander Bennett Esq died 23rd April

           1765 aged 67.



Valentine Hirst Collection, 19th Century for Dagenham


Add MSS 41793 ff. 291b-236b


Wood Rail


ff.291b, Robert Fortescue late of the Parish of Holborn died Oct 23rd 1819 aged 80.

      Also Elizabeth Hunsdon [?] daughter of the above died Sep 11th 1819 aged 14


             Also Mrs Catherine Cornwell (Wife of Richard Cornwell) who died 14th Aug 1837

              aged 64.



Table Tomb with Iron Railings


ff.292,  Mr Thomas White Grocer in Romford died 3rd June 1760 aged 55.

            Mrs Susanna White of Romford died 7th July 1763 aged 78.

            Also the body of Mrs [?] Graves wife of Mr Thomas Graves of Romford and

            Daughter of Mrs Susanna White died 17th July 1768 aged 58 years.

*Also other members of the family are noted.



Head Stone


ff.292b, In memory of Henry (Spooner) son of Thomas and Mary Spooner

            died 26th May 1764 aged 13 years.

*Also other members of the family are noted.



Head Stone


ff.292b, Also Thomas Spooner of this Parish died 30th April (293), 1764 aged 19 years.

             Also Mary Spooner died 30th June 1769 aged 65.



40 Foot Stone


ff.293,   In Memory of Mrs Sarah Tomkins wife of Mr Robert Tomkins of Cornhill died 2nd

             Sept 1792 aged 20.



40 Foot Stone


ff.293,   Mr Joseph Saintpiere died Oct 21st 1820 aged 78.

            Also William Saintpiere brother to the above died 14th July 1765 aged

            22 years.



40 Foot Stone


ff.293b,   Mr James Saintpiere brother to the above died 4th June 1811 aged 61 years.



40 Foot Stone


ff.293b,   In memory of Abigail Waite wife of John Waite died 26th Sept 1794 aged 29.

              Also John Waite died 21st Nov 1854, aged 93.



40 Foot Stone


ff.294,   Mary White died 15th July 1839 aged 2 years and 2 months.

*Also other members of the family are noted.



Head & Foot Stone


ff.294,   Mrs Mary Waters wife of Samuel Waters died 15th Nov 1794 aged 55.



40 Foot Stone


ff.294b,   Samuel Waters yeoman of this Parish died January 2nd 1803 aged 64.



40 Foot Stone


ff.294b,   Also Thomas Waters son of Samuel and Mary Waters died 22nd Oct 1780

              aged 20 years.

              Also Elizabeth Waters daughter of the above Samuel and Mary Waters died

              28th Oct 1780 aged 8 months. Both buried in one coffin.



40 Foot Stone


ff.294b,   Also Mr Thomas Waters of this Parish died June 17th 1778 aged 40.

              Also Ann Waters wife of the above Thomas died 12th Nov 1775 aged

               40 years.

               Also Elizabeth Haws daughter of Mr and Mrs Haws of Romford died 28th

                     June1784 aged 44.



40 Body and Foot Stone


ff.295,   Mr Robert Brittain late of this Parish died 31st March 1822 aged 62.

            Also 6 of his children who died in their infancy.

            Also Sarah Brittain late wife of the above died 18th June 1831 aged 72.

            Also William Brittain son of the above died 6th March 1844.



40 Foot Stone


ff.295,  Sarah Spooner who departed this life Dec 3rd 1765 aged 17 Daughter of Henry

            and Sarah Spooner of Chadwell.



Head Stone


ff.295,   Mrs Margaret Haws late Wife of Mr William Haws (295b) of Bentrys in this

             Parish died 4th Jan 1819 aged 25.

ff.295b, Also William Haws died 27th May 1887 aged 65.



40 foot stone


ff.295b, Here to the memory of Mr William Haws of bellhouse farm Romford died 27th

             Sep 1816 aged 64.

*Also other members of the family are noted.



40 foot stone


ff.295b,  Here lies the body of Susanna Fityer [?] wife of Mr Anthony Fityer [?] Senior of

              St Paul Shadwell London died 27th May 1761.



Table Tomb


ff.296,    Here Lyeth Interred ye Body of Capt Richard Comyns who dyed ye 10th of

             Sep 1700 in ye 45 year of his age.

             Also Here Lyeth ye Body of Mrs Dorothy Comyns his Wife who Dyed ye 13 of

             July 1737 In ye 71 year of her Age.

             And also the Body of John Comyns Gent who died March the 15 1745

             aged 60 years.

             Here also lies the Body of Sarah (Comyns) the Wife of the aforesaid John

             Comyns Gent who died July ye 31 1748 aged 56 Years.