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Web Site History

The website was down from the 31st August 2023 until November 1st 2023. My provider '' has ceased altogether, and when my subscription expired on the 31st August I had to find another provider. I have now switched to 'WIX' which offers much more flexibility in its set-up and programme, BUT comes with a large cost. I have kept this site free to use at my own expense since its inception, but with regret (as an individual) I have had to put a small charge on some items to help pay for site, which is purely non-profit-making. There is little to be made from these types of pages anyway.

Due to the incompatibility of the programmes it could not be transferred fully to WIX, so I am having to rebuild this entirely from scratch, so bear with me! It will also take a while to restore every item from the old site, of which I was lucky enough to save most of them.  I thank all the people who have utilised these pages in the past, also who are in the present and the future. Hope you have found or will find them useful.


For the record, the website made its first first appearance in 2006-07 and received over 5,000 hits. Its second year proved even more successful, as in November 2008 the count was in excess of 20,000. This was far more than I ever envisaged when I came up with the idea. Within 4 years of starting, the website had reached its potential on Freewebs, which later changed its name to I had now also reached the limit for storage on a free basis. With this name change the price of increasing content on my site also rose. A big factor was this cost. I did not have the funds to continue in the new format, which had served me well for these years.


This led me to look for a new service provider and brought me into contact with This worked well for a number of years, but they too altered their system, and trying to transfer the site to a fresh provider was almost impossible, as they utilised different formatting than the others. This in real terms meant that it was no longer viable for me to update the site, without removing content from it first, which I felt would detract from the excellent pages and layout.


I had no alternative but to take the site down, and it remained so for well over a year, since 2016. After trying to work my way around this, I thought about migrating to a new provider, but this involves even more expense and is extremely costly. For a while, the site was in limbo, while I sought alternatives. On 1st August 2017, having no luck finding a reasonably priced provider, I decided to return once more to as this was most suited to my needs, although a lot more costly for me. The site was soon up and running again  and this served me well until the end of August 2023.


Copyright of Photographs

Just to make readers aware I have noticed some of the pictures I have taken myself appearing on other websites and internet pages. Please note that I do not mind them being used, but it is wrong and unprofessional to take other peoples photographs without an acknowledgement of the owner or website, which should be accredited (if known) underneath the photograph stating its source and/or owner., i.e., (I. Vickers).


All the items and articles shown have been prepared by myself for the site, and although many are my copyright, particularly a lot of the photographs. If you use any of this data for other sites, works or thesis please acknowledge the site and myself. 

Contact the site

If you have any photographs or memories that you wish to share of the district, I am always happy and grateful to do so. Please scan them over to me at my e-mail address, which is at the bottom of this page. Please remember though, that as Editor I do have to edit sometimes, even if it is just to allow these to fit within the confines of the pages here!


Many of the photographs on these webpages are taken by myself from 1986-2024, and show Barking & Dagenham in a state of flux. These include Barking Town, Dagenham Village, and other main regions; in addition, most major buildings of the region over the last 30-plus years. 


Other Information

The site is not intended as a genealogical resource, but many of the pages will prove useful.  I do not carry out research for this!


However, anyone with an interest in the 'Vickers' surname can contact me if they desire. Who knows we might be related, especially if you are from one of the following places:  Sudbury, Suffolk (1790-1850s): Halstead, Essex (1800s-1870s): West Ham, Essex (1860s-1960s): Rainham, Essex (1940s-1960s): Rainham, Havering (2000-2013): Barking & Dagenham, Essex & Greater London (1950s-2012). Contact me directly if you feel there is a connection. 

The site itself is intended to be of assistance to people interested in local history, throughout not only the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham but the whole country. The site is also accessed regularly by people all over the world, in particular the Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Malta & USA, where many former residents now live today! 


If any reader requires further information about these historical articles, you will now have to become a member of the site, and then leave a comment on the appropriate page. I will do my best to provide the answer or point them in the right direction.

All 'links' to other sites should soon be restored. If you notice a broken link not working please contact me.

Please still e-mail me directly if you feel the need to do so: - website

Last updated 12th May 2024

Welcome to Barking & Dagenham Local History (Where History is in the Past). This website is dedicated to the local history of the two Boroughs of Barking & Dagenham, which were combined together on April 1st 1965. Unfortunately most of the history has vanished, there are still a few glimpses here and there, but largely even this has been altered in some fashion. 

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