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  • For administration purposes, the Manor of Barking during the time of this rental was divided into two portions. So when we peruse The Barking Abbey Manor Rental, dated 1456, we find it is so divided: North of the manor, which includes northern Barking, Chadwell and Ilford; and South of the manor, which takes in southern Barking, as well as Dagenham. The original is written in bastardised Latin, and some details appear to have been rubbed out, by having a line drawn through them. The date of some of the handwriting also appears to be from a later date.

    The Northern section appears here, and the scope of this is illustrated in the introduction. I have other details which I have omitted purely due to lack of space in the table below. The rental is depicted here in surname format, ie) A-Z, but it is possible to give other formats. There are numerous interesting place and highway names, which no longer exist, but others remain today, ie) Chadwell, East Street, Ley Street, Little Heath, North Street etc. It is also interesting as an ....archaic surname register too, perhaps for those interested in genealogy.

Barking Abbey Rental (North), 1456

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